A Hidden Christian?

This morning I just had some thoughts running around in my mind and needed to put them somewhere. Hopefully, someone will get something out of my message.

Many people, especially lots here in the United States, say we are Christian. But what does that mean? Is there really anything that makes a Christian look different from others? Is there anything a Christian does that makes them stand out from the crowd?

Those are questions each of us who believes in Jesus has to answer. Should others see Jesus in me? What change should there be in me? I think the whole point of being a Christian is the relationship you have with Jesus. Then Jesus will lead you to the place He wants you to be.

That can be the hard part. Realizing there is nothing I can do. I accept Jesus by faith and He saves me. Sometimes we try too hard to do things to make it all right. So just let Jesus be first in your life and make time to spend with Him!

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