A Windy Day

We arrived at the beach in the early afternoon. It seemed a bit windy on the drive over but I didn’t think []

The Covering

by Lisa Marie… It was scheduled to rain in Santa Cruz the Day before Valentines. ❤ A 70% chance of rain, I []

The Umbrella

Umbrellas are for those rainy days, right? I thought so too, until yesterday. Umbrellas are far more useful than just for rain. []

Renew: Her Side

By Lisa Marie… After 2 weeks of chatting, we finally met for our first date!During our chats, we discovered we were similar []


No matter what happens to you, life still goes on. I got divorced a few years ago and life kept going on. []

Up and Up

A couple of weeks ago I went hiking at The Forest of Nisene Mark. It is a state park here in California. []


There is always two ways to take something. You can take it how it was meant or you can take it literally. []