I never thought about what a billow was till today. I guessed it was some sort of storm bit just what, I wasn’t sure. I arrived at the beach for my Sabbath closing and to watch the sunset. It’s my way of being a bit closer to God. My phone says it’s 55 degrees and it has to be a 25 mph wind or more. That makes it feel about 45 degrees. Definitely cold. A short walk to the beach turns up []

ROXY Grams

by Lisa Marie… So, if you recall, i like to write reviews for establishments! We had a photo shoot last Saturday specifically []


Lisa and I had planned to go to Sunset Beach. When we got to the entrance, there were several cars in line []


It looked like a perfect day. Except for the fact that I wouldn’t be with Lisa today. She is quarantining (she is []

Passover 5781

By Lisa Marie As we get closer to Easter Sunday, i want to celebrate the cross moreso than normal. Today is the []