Do you ever wonder what would have happened if…? Sometimes we are just part of the flow, being carried along by the current. Other times it seems we are blazing the trail where there wasn’t one before. Whatever way you feel about your life, it still comes down to timing. If this and if that. Part of it is the choices we make. But I believe it is all about God’s timing.

Ecclesiastes chapter 3 tells us that ” for everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.” A time for everything. That is God’s plan. He has it all timed out for us. God wants the best for us and He wants us to honor and love Him.

I don’t believe in luck. I believe in God’s timing. Whatever happens it is under God’s control and He deems when the timing is just right. The timing for Jesus’ birth is one such thing. God knew when the fullness of time had come. Jesus’ sacrifice had to be for all ages and all times so when it happened had to be just right. When the world was needing Jesus and the world wanted Jesus. But, of course, each of us has to make that choice to accept Jesus.

Most of the people Jesus met and Jesus taught knew He was special in some way. But there were those like the religious leaders of His day that chose not to believe and instead killed Him.

Today, God’s timing leads each of us to Jesus. God paves the way (yes, it may be a rough path sometimes) for each one of us to meet Jesus. And then we have to decide for ourselves. Do we follow Jesus or go our own way? It’s our decision to make. God will try over and over to lead us to Him but He can’t decide for us. That is up to you. I know for me, I will follow Jesus wherever He leads me. What will you decide?

4 thoughts on “Timing

  1. You make a very good point! Sometimes however we delay His timing by making wrong choices and going against God’s plans/commands. God is good though and keeps coming back to lead us back to His plan for our lives. Again He gives us the choice to keep ignoring Him or follow and find Our way back. I choose to keep following and waiting.


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