Lots of things are done by immersion. Learning a new language is done easiest by being immersed in it. Baptism can be by immersion. And sometimes learning to swim is done by immersion too.

But my evening was all about immersion in a digital world. The digital world of Van Gogh. I went not to the beach but to the convention center in San Jose. Inside a huge room larger than 2 or 3 gyms, there was a beautiful magic going on. I had entered the world of Vincent Van Gogh.

First I was led down a hallway with Van Gogh’s story printed on several lighted boards. The background for these storyboards was his paintings. I learned much about the life of Van Gogh. After several minutes of reading and walking I finally was ready for the main adventure.

I stepped cautiously into the immense room. There projected on walls probably 16 feet high was different scenes and paintings from the life of Vincent Van Gogh. The scenes changed over and over. It was projected on the walls and floor and sometimes even on me. There were flowering branches that started losing petals and finally ended when the whole place was covered in the petals. Then a new scene would emerge from under all that somewhere. It was a sight to behold. Soft music was playing as all this digital art was slowly transforming the room many times over. It was breathtaking!

So I stared at the walls watching them be renewed by another scene. It was sometimes Van Gogh’s self-portraits and sometimes his boyhood home. Many times it would go from painting to painting.

Just like the changing of the pictures, God can change us as well. He can remake us into His image. God can give us a new life in Him!

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