Speaking Spanish

Living and working and even more so since I teach in California, I have discovered the benefits of learning Spanish. I have had students who only speak Spanish and other students that speak a mix of English and Spanish.

Coming ashore!

What I have found is this. Duo Lingo is good but can only take you so far. Then with all the Spanish speakers I know, I can’t find anyone to teach me to speak Spanish. Duo Lingo does a little bit of teaching me to speak Spanish but it teaches me to read Spanish better. And Duo Lingo can’t teach me any of the accents or the proper way to pronounce words.

What a view!

I will keep slowly plugging along using my app for now. Sometimes I do understand a few words out of a conversation in Spanish. There is no real substitute for being taught in person. I would just do a lot better I think.

A study in orange…

Fortunately, I don’t have to learn a new language to come to God. He is there waiting on me. He speaks my native tongue. But I will learn God’s language when I get to heaven. And my prayers ascend to Him and He hears them in my language I use here. I know I am glad I don’t have to translate my words every time I pray. I know God hears and I know He answers.


God will hear your prayers too. Just speak to Him from your heart. He understands in whatever language you speak!

Last look…

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