A Little Wisdom

Proverbs 3:5-6 tells us to not lean on our own understanding. Where do we get understanding then? Who do we lean on? It is not said in these verses but it is plainly understood that we lean on God’s understanding. If not ours, then it must be God’s. One thing I know, God is a lot wiser than me.


But I know God helps me with the many decisions I must make each day. Just like in class today. The discussion was helping my students remember nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs and how they are used. The questions I asked were answered reluctantly. Until I had the thought to make it more excitimg by giving out prizes for answers to questions. I believe God gave me that thought. The prize wasn’t much. It was just a pack of gummies. I had just enough packs so each student got one. And even though a small prize, all the questions I asked had 3 or 4 answers to them. So it went from a blah discussion to an enthusiastic discussion. It’s amazing what God does for us.


Each day I find many things both big and small that God has a hand in. Sometimes He gives me wisdom to make the right decision. And sometimes it’s extremely important to make the right decision. It’s God’s school and I used to say I just manage it for Him. But more and more I realize God is right beside me, helping me each moment of each day. Now I say God and I manage the school together.

A Plover!

And so it goes. Day in and day out. From discouragement to mountaintop. It doesn’t matter. God is there at school, guiding me all the way. And God will do that for each one of us. Every day without fail, God brings His wisdom into whatever you do if we let Him.


If you want a little bit of wisdom, let God be with you and give you a little bit of His wisdom.

Last look…

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