A Little Selfish

There are many things we don’t know. The future is one of them. If only we could, then how rich and successful we would be. But God knows. He knows the beginning and the ending. And maybe this is a little selfish but yesterday I saw something God did just for me!

This is the Memorial Day weekend here in the United States. The weekend we remember those who gave their lives in wars so we could be free. It is also the official start of the summer tourist season. Normally, many people travel this weekend since it is a three-day weekend. And just coming out of the pandemic I am sure even more will be going somewhere. That is just what I did too.

Go, Go, Go!

I left late Friday afternoon, usually a bad thing to do here in California, to go see my sister. It’s about a four hour drive most days. But on a holiday weekend traffic is killer. Took me almost 5 hours. But I made it! Let the fun begin. I arrived just in time to see the sunset over the lake from her deck. It was beautiful!

Sunset from the Deck!

Saturday afternoon after church we went to Montgomery Woods State Park. It is an old redwood forest. A small park with only a two mile hike but well worth taking the time to see. It is a good park for kids too. There are many little things to notice. Getting there is pretty but the narrow, rough and twisty road is quite the adventure!

Roadside Flora…

But you do get there eventually. One thing to note. The only bathroom is in the parking lot. So go before you hike. You start your walk by crossing a little, wooden bridge. Down the mostly dirt trail you go. Besides the tall, towering redwoods, there are many little things to see. Small, delicate flowers and the lush, green ferns and other plants are there to enjoy as well.

A nice afternoon walk in amongst the redwoods. It made me think. These redwoods are hundreds of years old. For me to see them, God had to plant them and nuture them and keep them safe all that time. He did it just for me! God knew in a few hundred years I would be coming there and needed the blessing of meeting God in nature. Yes, God did it for more than just me but that is the way God is. That is the way my Father is…loving, caring, nurturing. He guides me in the way I should go! Maybe it’s a little selfish to say that but I don’t think so.

Nature’s Beauty

My Father, my God, is also your God. God will do the same for you. He will move heaven and earth just for you if He needs to. He will wrap you in His love and keep you safe with Him! Even if it’s a little selfish…

God is here!

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