Water, Water…Part Two

I did not plan for there to be a part two of this blog. But due to certain things that happened, it was the natural thing to do.

Sun Kissed!

My church decided to have a social this Saturday night which meant I needed to go see the sunset on Friday night. But long before that water became the focus of the day.

Sand and Sea

Finally it was Friday. The last day before the weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job even though there is so much work I will really never finish it all. But that’s what being a teaching principal is all about. I was so ready to relax and watch the ocean and the waves. It is my time of peace and my time to be with God. And I like to share the sunset with others so I put it on Facebook live. I needed the time. But instead of a normal day, I got a call at 7am that told me of the flood at the school.

Flooded Library

In just a few minutes I was on my way to school. There had been about 2 inches of water covering every floor space in this building. Two unlikely things had occured at the same time overnight causing the flood. Volunteers with wet-dry vacs were already sucking up the water. A quick meeting and it was decided to hire a restoration company. Within an hour, the restorers were there and they had all the proper equipment for such a major job. It took them most of the morning just to get all the water out of the east building of the school. Even now dehumidifiers and specialized fans are working to dry the floors and walls.

Fans, Fans and More Fans!

God is good. God had the restoration company finish their work on Friday by 7pm allowing me time to go to the beach for sunset. That was my blessing for the day.

Sunset Begins!

While I don’t know what good will come out of this, I do know God has a way to turn tragedy into triumph and a flood into blessings. Psalms 27:14 tells us to “wait upon the Lord; be of good courage…” I personally don’t believe in luck. God has plans for the school, for me and for each and every one. It is whether we accept the plans laid out before us. God is calling us to let Him into our hearts, your heart, my heart… and for us to live for Him.

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