There is an old Aaron Tippin song that says, “You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.” That is very true. You have to take a stand or you will just be drifting along in life.

Delicate flowers…

You will be like some of the things I saw on the beach yesterday. There will always be trash some of which could have washed up from the ocean. And there is some wood too. Driftwood is what we call it. Pieces of wood thrown about by the waves and finally coming to rest on the sandy beach. Where did the driftwood come from? Where is it going?

There is really no way to know the path the drifwood took to get to the beach but it probably has been through a lot of poundings by the waves on its journey. The driftwood could be from a shipwreck or other disaster. A house that went into the ocean perhaps. There is no way to tell for sure. Maybe the driftwood has been floating for years or decades before reaching its beachy destination. There is no way to tell for sure. But every time the wind or a wave changes its direction so did the piece of wood. Drifting aimlessly along. Maybe even getting torn apart by heavy seas or crashing into other things in the ocean.

Crashing Waves!

Let’s suppose this driftwood was a part of a ship that wrecked long ago. It traveled many miles and took many years to get where it is now. Maybe it even visited other beaches only to restart its watery journey as the tide rolls in. You and I are like the driftwood.

A Stormy Look…

Once a part of something majestic but now thrashed about and ruined by the storms of life. It’s time to take a stand. Instead of drifting along with the crowd make up your own mind. Even change your mind if you want. Be the person you are and stand by your convictions. Decide what’s in your heart and stick to it. Don’t let go and start on the roller coaster to nowhere. Stand firm in your beliefs.

Standing Firm!

God asks you to stand firm for Him too. In our many trials every day and sometimes in the hard decisions one must make in life. Stand up, stand up for God. Don’t be tossed about by waves and wind, let your heart and your God help you through everything in life. God will be there for you every time. Let Him lead you safely through to heaven where you want to be! Make a stand and take a stand for God today!

Last Look!

One thought on “Driftwood

  1. Beautiful thoughts! I’ve been standing for sometime for God, my principles, my family! I’m ready for the driftwood to rebuild something beautiful again. Great pictures!


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