Higher Ground

There is something good about higher ground. My dad always said to make sure your house is on top of a hill. And a few years later when we got a new house, it was on top of a hill. All of us say things showing higher is better too. Heaven is always up and the bad place is always down. We reach for the stars or are brought down to earth. Being higher is a tactical advantage as well. Many ways we prove higher ground is better.

Flowers on the trail

Saturday for sunset, I went back to the beach that started it all. Back to Salinas River State Beach. I had not been there in a couple of months but thought I knew what to expect. A short path to the beach and the last gentle slope leads down to the water. I was wrong. The last slope ended before I got to the water. Actually there was a 4 to 5 foot sand cliff to descend to get to the beach. That was not there the last time. After making my way down the sandy cliff, I enjoyed my time on the beach. It started fairly sunny but ended up being cloudy. I took pictures and watched the snowy plovers. I was having fun.

I planned to do my usual and share the sunset through a Facebook live video. The waves seemed to be getting larger, too, as the evening progressed. Then just a few seconds after I started my video, a big wave came in and water came all the way up to where I was standing. I scrambled up the little sand cliff just before the water reached me. I had to run for higher ground. I was safe on higher ground. It did make a funny bit of video though. It was a few seconds of watching the sand as I climbed up higher. From the higher ground, I finished my video without further incident.

Incoming waves!

All that started me thinking. Higher ground is where all of us desire to be. God wants each of us to strive to be higher too. God wants all of us to be close to Him. We need to reach up to God, elevate our thoughts to His thoughts. Let Him lead us and follow His plan for our lives. Let God enter your heart and let Him lead you to higher ground!

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