I never thought about what a billow was till today. I guessed it was some sort of storm bit just what, I wasn’t sure. I arrived at the beach for my Sabbath closing and to watch the sunset. It’s my way of being a bit closer to God. My phone says it’s 55 degrees and it has to be a 25 mph wind or more. That makes it feel about 45 degrees. Definitely cold.

Feel the Wind!

A short walk to the beach turns up a myriad of small, pretty flowers. I stop and take their pictures. Coming over the last rise and I see the ocean and feel the wind hitting me. My pants are flapping like a flag on a pole in a brisk wind. My glasses after only a couple minutes on the beach are useless. They are covered with sea spray. And so is my phone which is also my camera…but I think the pictures came out good anyway.

I think of the hymn, Will Your Anchor Hold? There is a line “when the billows roll.” That’s the only place I have ever heard that word. But the definition of billows was right before me. The wind was whipping the waves higher and higher. And the waves rolled in…going up and crashing down. I could imagine a small boat having trouble sailing through those waves.

And more waves!

And the song comes back to my mind. Will your anchor hold? Is Jesus your anchor? He is my anchor. That’s the only way you hold on through the trials and tests and problems of this world. Jesus is “steadfast and sure…” There is no other way. Jesus is there to be your anchor through all the storms. He will see you safely through and bring you to your true home in heaven.


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