Ever have one of those days? Well, one of those days where introspection took center stage. Where you wonder what your future looks like…? That was my day today.

Waves at Manresa Beach

It didn’t matter what I was doing. My thoughts always drifted back to me and my future. Weird, I know, but it happens sometimes. Even sitting on the beach watching the waves roll in didn’t help much. I was still thinking. But each wave was beautiful and powerful. And that is why I come every week to close Sabbath on the beach. Each wave, with its raw, untamed power and its own unique beauty, reminds me God is in charge. The ocean puts everything back into proper perspective for me.

Camera Magic

I see our Creator’s love with each wave that comes ashore. I see His power and know He is in control. I see the seagulls and I know what Jesus said about taking care of the sparrows. So I know He watches over me. I know God will provide for my needs whatever it may be. I watch the flock of plovers run out with the wave to grab a newly washed-up morsel and then run as fast as their little legs will go when the next wave comes in. God gives the plovers what they need. He will definitely take good care of me.

Almost Sunset

God is with me as I teach school too. Even though the workday is hectic, there is always time for prayer. Always time to ask God for wisdom. I do claim James 1:5 a lot…if we ask for wisdom…and believe… What a fantastic promise! I should be the smartest person in the world by now (haha).

As I wait for the approaching sunset, the light lessens and shadows play on the sand. The beach begins to empty of all the people. The warmth has faded but blessings and beauty still to be seen. God made the day and the night. We tend to think of day as God and His goodness and the night is of bad things. God also made the transition between the two something gorgeous.

Just beautiful

Just being on the beach makes me closer to God. It seems that way anyhow. All the beauty God put into the beach and ocean seems to slap me in the face and it’s as if God says, “Here I am.” Once more God has focused me back to Him and I am ready to take on a new week. All the stress and problems and worries fade away. It’s all about believing God keeps His word. I believe He does.

God is in control

For a few moments I feel invincible with God as my superhero. If I can only remember that throughout this next week. Wherever you are, go with God…and if you need prayer, reach out to someone, even me. God will take care of you and me…


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