It looked like a perfect day. Except for the fact that I wouldn’t be with Lisa today. She is quarantining (she is not sick) before she goes to take care of her grandson who has Pontocerebellar hypoplasia (PCH). If he gets a cold or covid, it could be fatal. Yes, I missed her but still had fun with my sister and her husband.

(I miss you…#thisisLisa)

Off we headed to the coast. It was about a two hour drive but really didn’t seem that long.  First stop was Point Cabrillo to see the lighthouse. It was also lunchtime and we found a picnic table to eat on. Then a half mile walk to the lighthouse and the ocean.

Point Cabrillo lighthouse

The lighthouse was a quaint, little building. Of course, we all took lots of pictures. In talking to one of the workers, she told me how to watch for the whales and where to find the black oystercatchers. Whale spouts, I didn’t see any but black oystercatchers, I saw two. I have never seen them before so it’s a bird on my life list. Just before we saw the oystercatchers, I made the decision to walk back to the car for my binoculars. Good thing I did. The oystercatchers were fairly easily found with binoculars. We could barley see them with our eyes. They were too far away to get any good pictures. But seeing those birds was an unexpected blessing!

The ocean at Point Cabrillo

We decided to move on down the road and see what we could find next. None of us expected to find this…

It was astounding! The fog and bridge and the sun worked together perfectly. But we moved on again and ended up in Mendocino. Mendocino is also Cabot Cove, Maine if you were a “Murder, She Wrote” tv show fan way back when. The fog was rolling in on Mendocino when we got to the headlands there. That made for some beautiful but unexpected photo opportunities.

Fog rolling in on Mendocino

Then we stopped to eat supper. One more stop after we ate. Each week I (and ususally Lisa too) close Sabbath by sharing a live video on of the sunset on Facebook. It is just our way of sharing God’s beauty. Last stop for the video was Pomo Bluffs Park. The fog had moved in here too but the video went on anyway. It was an unexpected ending to an awesome day!

Pomo Bluffs Park
Pomo Bluffs Park

It was an unexpectedly blessed day! All of the cool things we had seen. God planned our day for us and gave us all those sights to see. God directed our steps. Anytime we ask, God will direct your steps. He will put you where He needs you. All you have to do is to be willing and follow where God leads. And then the unexpected happens! God works miracles everyday. God’s power has not diminished. It is your faith that lacks. God doesn’t ask if there is enough money or if His plans have passed the school board. God asks you to go and do. Let Him direct your steps. Trust Him to lead you where you are needed. Then watch the unexpected happen!

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