Lisa and I had planned to go to Sunset Beach. When we got to the entrance, there were several cars in line waiting to get in. The day use fees of $10 was being collected too. And there were 4 police cars with lights on at the end of the line. We knew another beach was not far away. When we found fees were being collected here, we asked the fee taker at the booth if there were any other beaches. He mentioned a beach just a mile or two down the road. We could make it that far so off we went on our adventure. There was no fee taker at Manresa Beach and lots of cars in the parking lot. The signs sure told us where to be today.

It was windy when we got out of the car but we had our sandwiches (mine was pastrami and swiss), chips and grapes for our picnic. My napkin blew away and I had to chase it down. But even in all the wind, we had a delicious picnic!

My Sandwich

After supper we went down the long stairway to the beach. Lisa and I took pictures and just had a good time like we always do. It is fun just being together. The ocean and the sunset were both amazing! Lisa was too! God’s signs had brought us here together.

There was a lifeguard hut on this beach. Most of the beaches we go to don’t have one. But the signs told us there was no lifeguard.

Lifeguard Hut

Signs change what we all do if we pay attention to them. Obviously, I wasn’t going swimming anyway; it was way too cold. (Lisa always goes in the water knee deep)But there would be no immediate help if something happened. We should be careful. God gives us each signs. God gave us the Bible. God is speaking to each of us, to you and to me, if we will listen. God shows us the way to a better life with Him. This is Easter weekend when the world celebrates what Jesus did. He died and rose from the grave so you and I can have life with Him! All you have to do is believe! Watch and read the signs…God is showing you the way…

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