The Thirty Minute Experiment

Well, here goes nothing. It is thirty minutes of straight writing and no editing. I am starting to write with no idea where any of this is actually headed. It is just an experiment on my part. A writing training course if you will. Hopefully, it will make me better at writing or at least what I think I should write. Maybe it will help organize my thoughts better. I am not sure what will happen but I am off and running anyway. It has just been a long week. But there were bright spots. Thursday one of the k to 2 students was having a prayer. I had stepped into the room to grab the air pump to pump-up the balls and when I saw they were in prayer I stopped and bowed my head and waited. And waited and waited. It must have been five minutes or more before he said, “Amen.” But he was so thankful to God. He thanked God for his eyes and his hands and his feet. It was beautiful.

Unexpected. This first-grade student thanked God for each of his classmates by name too. It was something we all should experience as Christians. Just being so overjoyed by God’s love that we can’t stop praising and thanking God for all that He has and will do for us! It took me back to the place when I first met Jesus. I did the right and expected things in school and as a kid. But really meeting Jesus didn’t happen then. I mean there were times we met and yes, I gave my heart to Jesus several times as I grew up. But the one where I understood most things was the one just three years ago. God uses many different ways to reach us. I got dumped by a girl. Yes, it was tragic, at least to me. I got messed up for a few months. I argued with God. Even yelled at Him a time or two. But then my sister bought me a book which I eagerly devoured. It made sense. It was Max Lucado’s “You’ll Get Through This.” That and while I lived with my sister and took care of our mom, it was like a sabbatical for me. I prayed a lot. I listened to God speak too. That’s the part we all forget. But I digress. That time made Jesus real. And God had plans for me. I had been out of teaching for twenty-some years but God said, “Go.” So I went. A small church school. God has me as the principal. I can’t do anything I do there without Him. And when I moved to the city where the school was, God had other plans as well. I needed a car and a place to live. I stayed with some church members for about a month. I had been praying to find a place to live before the school year started. One day I came into school and checked the ads. There was the perfect apartment. I called. The owner said he had one other application. I went to see the place and on my way I just knew. I do not know how to explain this feeling but I knew the apartment was going to be mine. Two days later it was. God had performed a miracle for me! And there was more. I borrowed my sister’s van to drive since I had no car. But I had just one day back in town with her to find a car. God led me to the right person. It was amazing. It may not be the perfect car but it was economical transportation. And at the price I could afford. God had just done another miracle. Once you see God work in your life, you never forget. Or hopefully, you keep your eyes on God and don’t ever forget. I know it can be easy to let these things lose their importance as time goes on. God doesn’t stop with miracles. There have been several small miracles God has done for me while at school. Twice doors have been unlocked. Doors I never check at night. And God told me to check them. They were unlocked doors and I locked them before I left school. God watches over what we do and cares about us every day. We need to let Him direct our steps and see what can happen when we let Him lead. Talk to God as a friend. Listen to Him. And then stand back and watch God work through you.

P.S. I did edit this before posting it.

8 thoughts on “The Thirty Minute Experiment

  1. oh hi Will!!
    it must have really hurt to lose “that girl” but on the bright side; you would have never met me! If she had not “dumped” you!!
    And you would not have your current writing/photography/birder friend in me!! God’s plans ALWAYS work out! see ya tomorrow!! talk to ya in 5 seconds! lol


  2. Nice to know that your time at our house with Mom was a blessing. I know it was a blessing for us. God used us to meet each other’s needs. 🙏🏻💕


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