It was the best time of day. I drove up to meet Lisa in the bay area. For those of you not from California, the “bay area” is anywhere on San Francisco Bay. In this case, we were on the eastern side, the side where San Francisco isn’t. There is so much to do in the bay area.

We drove to a small (not nearly as big as a Kansas wheatfield) mustard flower patch. These bright and yes, yellow flowers all blooming all at once is a gorgeous sight! Even though yellow is not my favorite color, these flowers are stunning! We waded into the flowers. Picture taking time had begun. We took pics of flowers and selfies and so many more things. Just an amazing time! But kneeling down in amongst the mustard flowers, I got some grass stains on the knees of my pants. These flowers had left their mark.

Next was the drive to Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge.

It is a 10 to 15 minute hike from where you park your car till you get to the top of the hill here at Don Edwards NWR. It takes longer if you stop for pictures. I know this because I stopped to take pictures. The other thing to note is that it is extremely windy and therefore seemingly a lot colder than it actually is. There is a wind chill. Up the hill we go.

The scenery was beautiful! We found the perfect (in our eyes) place to do our sunset video. God did not disappoint. He sent a spectacular sunset to end a most wonderful day! God put His mark on the day.

While searching for the “spot” I noticed this. This board in the safety rail where many people before had left their their marks. And it set me to thinking.

Marks are made everyday. Marks are made on things and on hearts. Marks can be those made for good or for bad. Marks on hearts are not easy to change. It’s like trying to get grass marks of the knee of your pants. Each day, each action, each word from us leaves a mark on someone’s heart. God wants us to leave marks of love everywhere we go. Do good and help others. Live in love. Live in God’s love. Only with God’s mark on your heart can you truly spread the mark of His love to all you meet. What marks will you leave?

Sunset over East Bay
Will and Lisa

If you would like us to pray for you, just leave us a message.

4 thoughts on “Marks

  1. Spectacular!!! i like the photo bomb for sure!! haha
    i forgot to post my bridge photo…but yours is better anyway!
    I hope to leave marks that will change lives for the better. Even if the better is for an hour or day.
    Every mark counts. …


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