The Perfect Place

After a rainy night, the dawned bright and sunny. It was forecast to be in the 60’s which is normal for California. Lisa and I were going to meet at the beach again today. We are looking to find the perfect place for our sunset video. For me, though, getting there was a challenge.

California is famous for lots of things and one of them is traffic. You normally think of the big cities but accidents even happen on the small two-lane highways. And that is what had me stuck. Finally break free of one just to run into more traffic. Lisa and I decided to try Capitola. Fortunately, she was running late. I get to Capitola and it is overrun with people and cars. Finding no place to park anywhere close to the beach, we opted for Santa Cruz. The beach and boardwalk are there. And there is plenty of parking!

Santa Cruz Boardwalk

We found a spot on the beach and ate lunch. It was a good place to eat but not the perfect place for a Sabbath ending sunset video. Once the sun is gone the beach gets much colder. I had left my sweatshirt and jacket in the car. As I went out to get them, Lisa sent a text. Her phone battery was about 17%. She was headed to her car to charge her phone. So yes, it happened that while at the beach, we spent an hour sitting in the car while her phone charged.

But we made it back to the beach and decided to do the video from the end of the pier. We had some fun running in the ocean as we walked down the beach to the pier.

Lisa and Will

But finding a good spot on the pier for the video wasn’t that difficult. And it was a very peaceful ending to the Sabbath. I got to thinking about all the planning and walking Lisa and I do to find the perfect place. And then I understood. The perfect place is whenever and wherever we are together.

Sunset from Santa Cruz pier

Sometimes we think we need to get ourselves ready to come to God. We look and look trying to find the perfect way to come to Him. When in reality it is not like that at all. All God wants is to spend time with you, to get to know you and for you to know Him. Anytime is the perfect place, the perfect way to come to God. Tell Him your troubles, your problems, your hopes. You cannot weary Him. Just like me realizing the perfect place is always where Lisa and I are together, the perfect place for you to come to God is the same. Anytime, anywhere is the best time and the perfect place to be with God!

View from Santa Cruz Beach

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Place

  1. That’s one of the greatest gifts of being a child of God. You can come to Him 24/7, any place, in any situation, in any frame of mind. He is always available! Just Him and me, Him and you, or Him and any one! Praise God!


  2. This touches my heart ❤…thank you…
    meanwhile my phone battery was 11% at the beach! yikes! It was at 17% when you met me at the car! And i appreciate that we even had a nice time sitting in the car as my phone charged!!


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