The Umbrella

Umbrellas are for those rainy days, right? I thought so too, until yesterday. Umbrellas are far more useful than just for rain. Bedore you ask, “Where is this going?” It does have a point.

A rainy start to the day. I was meeting Lisa for the afternoon. Our second real “date.” We have fun just talking and searching the beach for various treasures.  It’s just a great way to get to know someone.  Now, the forecast had called for rain but it was sunny and warm. Lisa was more prepared than I was, I think. She had even brought an umbrella.

Of course, it didn’t rain. It didn’t even get cloudy. But there was the umbrella. It seemed troublesome to carry it around every time you move your stuff. In the end, it was one of the best things about the day.

Lisa had the idea to take selfies using the umbrella. “I brought it so let’s use it,” she said. So we did. We took some selfies together under the umbrella and we took some some pics of just her under the umbrella. Just the two of us (was there anybody else on the beach?) being a little silly but having so much fun!

And yes, the date and the day ended all too soon. But I got to thinking about the umbrella. It actually means more than just the device to keep rain off.  Just as umbrellas make us feel safe and secure in stormy weather conditions,  the guy usually makes the girl feel safe and secure.  Umbrellas come in different ways too. The guy’s arm around her at the right moment or it could even be financially or lots of other ways. All are umbrellas.

Our God is just like that too. He keeps us safe in all sorts of hazardous conditions. God keeps us safe by staying under His umbrella. Outside God’s umbrella the world may be unsettling and scary. Inside God’s umbrella is peace and happiness.  The only thing we have to do is choose. Choose to be under God’s umbrella or choose to be somewhere out in the storm. Where will you be?

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