No matter what happens to you, life still goes on. I got divorced a few years ago and life kept going on. Life keeps moving and renewing itself every day, every moment. I started anew myself today.

I went on a date. Yes, she is pretty and yes, she is sweet. And so much more. It was a first date. We had fun. We watched the sunset and put it on Facebook live as I always do. We also had a photo contest. We both like to take photos so we made it fun. Lisa won. Here is the winning photograph.

The Winner

There is always a beginning. There is always hope. As with every new relationship, there is hope for a long future. Hope brings life. Hope brings renewal. So it is with our faith in God. We act on our faith. God gives us forgiveness. He renews us in His Spirit every day, every moment. God tells us to have faith in Him. When we do, things happen. Look forward to God. Look forward to His renewing your spirit. And look forward to a relationship with God just as we have relationships here.

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