A Windy Day

We arrived at the beach in the early afternoon. It seemed a bit windy on the drive over but I didn’t think too much about it. I did notice I had to adjust for the wind while I was driving. So I was a bit surprised as I felt the force of the wind just opening the car door.

I am never one to back out of a day at the beach nor a day with Lisa. After getting all our beachy things in order, we set off on the short walk to the beach.

The first view of the ocean is spectacular! The wind is whipping the waves. I can stand there spellbound from the sights and sounds. And all of it is courtesy of a windy day. Lisa and I continued on to the beach though.

The wind off the ocean blew cold and hard. Hats couldn’t stay on our heads. But it was a grand day anyway. We would wade in the cold ocean as the waves crashed ashore. We love to take pictures too. And so the afternoon passed. Fighting the wind did take some energy right out of you. But it was still a wonderful day!

Two things come to mind. First, in the face of a constant, powerful wind you will sooner or later wear down. Just like life and tempations, eventually you will loose the battle if left all up to you. But the second thing is God becomes our wind break. He breaks the wind and keeps us safe. He only lets through what we can handle. God will protect us through life. Not just the storms or the bad times but every normal day as well. Through all the little breezes or through the heavy winds, God is right there with you, keeping you safe.

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