Up and Up

A couple of weeks ago I went hiking at The Forest of Nisene Mark. It is a state park here in California. It doesn’t have the power of an ocean tide but has the simplicity of an old growth forest. The stillness and quiet is there and you are surrounded by these ancient trees reaching to the heavens.

Even though it had been a few days since it rained, the paths were still damp. The forest keeps the life-giving moisture from evaporating. The day I was there was a holiday and as such the trails were fairly busy. There are dirt bikes and dog walkers and the like on the trails. It is a fairly simple network of paths. Mostly it follows the creek which is only inches deep and able to be crossed or walked in if one chooses.

I should note there is no entrance fee if you park outside of the park and walk in. The only fee is to park your car. When I was there and coming out of the park about noon, there was a traffic back up to get in.

However, there are those moments when all is quiet and it is you and the forest and your thoughts. The forest knows your mind needs the solitude and peace. There is no cell phone service in the park. The hike was not strenuous or steep although there was a small hill or two. And then it happens!

You are by group of these magnificent trees and you look up and up and up!

You look up to the heavens. And then you look up to heaven. Our God that made the trees stretch out to Him is exactly the message. We should be stretching out to our God, having Him grab hold of our hand and letting Him lead us in this journey and in life’s journey. The trees of the forest reach up to God. And so should we! Reach up and look up. God is there reaching down ready to take your hand!

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