Have you ever started a new job? All the different emotions and feelings you have as the day to start approaches. You can go from confident and nervous to timid and many more. And after a week on the job it’s old hat. You have gotten used to it. Change is always a little scary.

I was doing some reading the other day. It was an article about changing jobs. There was 10 things you should do whenever you start a new job. Reading all of them, I came to the conclusion most were common sense. They just seemed to be things I would naturally do. But one stood out. It was something I really didn’t do. It was talk to the CEO. As a new employee, I get along fine with my immediate supervisor and it’s easy for me to get along with my coworkers. But rarely do I ever seek out the CEO or president of the company and talk to him or her. Probably as a new employee I am a little intimidated by them. Well, just by the office and title. I never did it. It does make sense though. Talking to the CEO might get you noticed and might make better things happen. I don’t know for sure.

One thing I do know, I talk to my CEO every day. I am not scared to come talk to God. He is the CEO of my life. None of us should be scared to talk to God. He can forgive and He can work out anything. Let Him lead your life. Then you had better be prepared for what He has in store for you. Because as Jeremiah says, “He has plans for you.”

Just come talk to the CEO of your life every day. Let Him lead. Have a conversation. He will tell you things, too, if you listen. Let God handle it. Let God do the worrying. Whether it’s a new job or something else that troubles you, bring it to the CEO of heaven and earth. He can handle it! He is there for you!

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