The Way Out

First, let’s start with one thing I believe. I believe the God of the Bible who performed all those miracles is still here and able to perform all those same powerful miracles today. I believe our prayers are heard by God now the same way they were for the people in the Bible. OK, now that you know how I believe, let’s continue our journey.

I was on my way to an interview for a job. It was about a two hour drive there. I was driving my sister’s car. It’s a nice and fairly new Ford. It almost always works great. Just two days before this, the dreaded low tire pressure light came on. I say dreaded because the only way to solve it is to check the tire pressure in all four tires. I do not know why the car makers don’t program the car to tell you which tire is low. It seems like such an easy thing to do. But they do not. So I had checked all four tires and added air to all of them. I have found this is the best practice to get that light to go off. The day after I did that, there were no problems at all.

Back to my trip. On the way to my interview, would you believe what happened? The dreaded low tire pressure light came on again. I was not in the middle of nowhere, fortunately. A few miles down the road, I was able to pull off and check the tires again. Your interview is one thing you don’t want to be late for. I was a little upset about the time this was going to take. All the while, attempting to stay mostly clean too. I did find the offending tire. The driver’s rear. It must have a very slow leak. A blessing for me because I can continue my journey and not have to stop to get a tire repaired. There was air available at this gas station where I stopped. Of course, it was pay for air and it only took quarters. It was $1.25. I could run in and get change and take more time and me be a little more tense about the situation but God in His wisdom was looking out for me. On my way out of town, I stopped to get a drink. Something cold and caffeinated. That 7-11 even had a sale on so I got two drinks instead of just one. I paid with cash and got some change back. I threw the coins into the holder where my sister keeps all her change too. Fast forward back to my stop to air the tire. I search through the change in the car and there was another blessing. I pulled out five quarters, the exact number needed to get air. Imagine my shock and surprise! I quickly filled the tire and resumed my uneventful-from-here-on trip.

Yes, I made it safely to my interview and even got the job. God just had a little test of my faith and my patience on the way. But He had already made a way out for me. He had already solved my problem! He has already solved your problem too. And He has solved the bigger problem of sin. Jesus came to die and God has already made the way out for us! We can believe in Jesus and live forever with Him! He is a God who cares enough to make sure I had just the right change when I needed it. He is a God who cares about you too!

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