Watering Ways

Some of you may know I help out by going outside every morning and watering the plants. I have been doing this a couple years now and have learned a lot about plants in that time. Just seeing how the plants grow daily, how they change for the weather and how they survive. Summers here can be very hot. Today is the start of a string of 10 days or so above 100. Watering is very important.

Almost any plant will grow here if stuck in dirt and watered. With the heat, water is vital. Every day I go out in the morning and fill up the watering can and start my rounds. Some get more water, some less. Depending on how each plant is doing. I do fill up the watering can several times to get all the plants watered. I have tried the hose. It seems a little easier to do it with the watering can. Maybe that’s just my preference too.

Every day these plants get the life giving water they need. Every day do we get the life giving words from God that we need? Do we study like we should? Do we give the Creator of the flowers and Creator of all the time He deserves? Do we truly love God? You make time for what you want. That is always true. If you want to visit with friends, you will find the time. If you want to exercise, you will find the time. We do what is important to us. God should be the most important to us. Why don’t we give Him the time we should?

Now as I make my rounds watering, all the plants are doing fine. They are all looking good. Some don’t like the heat as much as others but all are still alive. Fast forward one day. I am once again making my watering rounds. But one plant now is almost dried up.There is still a little green on it. I give it an extra dose of water hoping that will help. What happened? Not sure. What I do know is one day it was fine and the next it was almost dead.

In the end, the plant could not be saved. It died. One day is all it took. Some of us may end up like the plant. Here one day and gone the next. Yes, not something we like to think about. But what happens if you are not spending time with God daily? What if you are not watering your heart with His words? If you are gone tomorrow, where will you end up? Are you going to be the one who runs to hug Jesus or are you going to be the one who tells the rocks to fall on you so you don’t have to face Him? The choice is truly yours.

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