OK, it’s not because here in the United States and Mother’s Day is in a couple weeks. It’s just because I have been thinking a lot about my mom these past few days. Then I started thinking. Yes, not always a good thing. Ha! But I did it anyway. I hope you can get something out of this too.

Jochebed was Moses’ mother. I had been reading the story of Moses. Jochebed had three months with her little son before she had to take action. Like any mother, I am sure Moses was cared for in the best way she could. And probably the quietest. Hebrew boys in Egypt were not long lived. Soon those baby Moses lungs get strong and Moses gets noisy. Something had to be done. God had to have helped her think up this plan. It seems a bit risky otherwise. The river must have been very calm in this place too. Don’t want to capsize this cargo! So into the special little basket boat went baby Moses. I tend to think Jochebed had been praying about this moment since Moses was born. She wanted to save her child. I don’t know how many angels were there at the river with Moses and his sister, Miriam, who was watching Moses with all faithfulness. Then along comes the Egyptian princess and she can’t resist a cute little baby (who can?) and Moses lives. What a plan! Sounds crazy today. But what a mother won’t do to save or help her child. Ultimate love.

I know of a family where a mother’s love is just as strong. Not sure how she has done it all by herself but she has. She has raised three great kids into their teens and has gone overseas to work. Takes a lot of love and faith to be away from the ones you love. And to keep teenagers going on the right path too. Once again, ultimate love.

I learned things about my mom at her memorial service. She was the same as all moms. Helping raise your kids the best way you can and then sacrificing by going back to work full time. There are lots of things my mom did for me. Maybe she did some to spoil me or maybe just out of the mother’s heart full of love. She made my lunch to take to school every day and sliced an apple and dipped it in lemon juice so it wouldn’t turn brown. She even found the time to make my bed too (see, maybe a bit spoiled). Through it all, she was there, a powerful presence in my life. Yes, ultimate love.

Ultimate love. From a mother to her child, From a loving, caring God to each of us. Maybe that’s why God gave us mothers so we could see what He is really like. Doing everything to help us, to save us, to love us.

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