Each time you plan a trip or even go the store you take a journey. Some are more epic than others. Your trip to the grocery store is not quite as adventurous as going across an ocean. Unless, of course, you are going to Walmart. Ha! It can be an adventure though. Just like flying back home the other day with my sister. We had our tickets for both flights but there can be detours and changes along the way. The first flight was overbooked and they asked for volunteers to wait. The next plane would still get in so we could make our connecting flight. So we volunteered and were rewarded with a voucher to help pay for the next trip. You never know what is around the next bend. Life should be the true fantastic journey.

Sometimes it is hard to see the journey of life because we focus on each little segment. It’s not until someone close dies that we stop and see the whole picture. My mom passed away about a month ago but just had the memorial service for her this past weekend. I learned things about my mom I did not know. I started to see her in a different light. I was looking at the whole picture of her life and not just the part through a little boy’s eyes. Then the journey of their life comes into clear focus and you can see the hand of God working. I can see God clearly through my mother’s life.

I used to think it was how you were raised determined in part how you turned out. But now I have another idea. It’s not how you were raised, whether or not you were spanked or were spoiled. It is truly how they lived. Growing up some pieces of wisdom you hear may remain but it is what you see day in and day out that changes you. By beholding we become changed. True in every life. True for everyone. It’s what you see that counts.

Parents, if you are wondering about how your kids will turn out, then first look at your life and the way it is day by day. That will give you the best measure. It works for all of us too. Want to be positive? Then seek out positive things. Behold them. Stop watching tv shows that cut people down. Get guidance from God. The single most important thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones is to connect with God. He will come into your heart and make a total change in you. Give your whole self to Him and hang on for the ride. It will be one epic journey all the way!

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