Go Get It

In the Bible, Jesus said He cares for every bird. Yet even the birds have to go out and find food, travel to find a mate and to be safe. He cares for each and every bird you see. And all the birds that I see. The birds just in their life have things to do to be fed, to have a home and are cared for by God.

How much more is each one of us cared for by God? He made us in His likeness. He gave us choice. He made us to go find our food, to set up a home, to worship Him. Bad things will happen. Why to some more than others? I don’t know. What I do know is whether you are living on the streets or in your mansion, God cares for you.

Life was meant to be lived. It wasn’t meant to be a spectator sport. There are things to do. If all you can do is take a walk in the little park, then do it. if all you can do is call on the phone and be a friend, then do it. God asks you to come to Him and then move. Then live. Live for God, live with God.

Just come to God as a child to his father. Here n America, I think to come to God it would be easier for us if we came to God and said, “Dad…” to start the conversation.

I hope you understand my ramblings this morning. It is just what is on my heart today.


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