Everybody loves a celebration. Just look what happens on New Year’s Eve. The whole world celebrates. And for a few, they get to be the first and last to celebrate by being smart and using the international date line. That is well and good however you celebrate it.

Other celebrations include weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. And whatever you do to make it a day to remember is cool. For today, we will use birthdays. Specifically, my birthday which happens to be today. I am not one to go get drunk or to drink the night away. I am not even a big birthday party guy. Just something simple usually with family. Most of the time, we end up going out to eat and I talk on the phone to my kids. It’s not about making a big splash. It is about making a memory.

It is that way with all celebrations. It is all about making memories. I do it simply while others do it up big time. There is one thing about celebrations that we miss a lot of the time. I have begun to think that the Mad Hatter and the March Hare from Alice in Wonderland were right. We celebrate life once a year. They celebrated life 364 days a year. That is really the whole point. Life is a celebration. Life is about making memories. Life is about being part of the living while you are still living. Not every day needs a birthday cake or an unbirthday cake but each day can have memories.

So do it on your birthday and do it on your unbirthdays. Get out there and make memories. Get out into life. Don’t just sit back on the couch and watch life pass you by. Be a mover. And a shaker, if you want. Let your life be truly full. Get out and celebrate!


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