Does it seems like being civil to people has gone out the window in the United States? Every day you read about how some group is hounding someone. Is yelling at them all night while they sleep going to change a thing?  And for what? The only thing it gets them is attention. It is not going to change the opinion of the houndee. What happened to civility? It used to be we all just got along and could have a civil, there’s that big word, discussion about problems.

How did we as a nation get away from being nice and respectable to each other? Civility means formal politeness and courtesy in speech and behavior. Wow! I know. Where did it go? Yes, all people need to be treated courteously.  All should be respected. Maybe most of us try to treat all people like this with politeness. Maybe it is the few uncivilized that are going to ruin life for all of us.  I don’t know for sure.

One thing I do know. Whether you have a problem with your neighbor next door or if you are in Congress, let’s all be able to sit down and discuss our problems with civility. If we weren’t worried that we can’t give an inch or must have our way or weren’t being totally partisan, how much more could be accomplished? Maybe things would actually get fixed. Maybe people would actually care about other people again. And maybe, just maybe, we could all get along.

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