Copying the Master

Yes, I went to London on spring break. Yes, I tried to see all the sites. It was almost impossible exept for a bus tour I took. But that’s for another blog. It’s Thursday and I am sitting inside the National Gallery which is England’s art gallery.

Water Lilies, Setting Sun

I tried to follow their routes to see it all in order but there were too many little rooms and I forgot to grab a map on the way in. But sometimes wandering is good to do.


I found my favorite room. Renoir and Monet paintings and a couple of other artists I didn’t recognize. Monet had his own wall. You are seeing pics from this room in which I sit now. But something else grabbed my attention. A man was sitting on a bench staring at the Monet painting, Water Lilies, Setting Sun. But he wasn’t just staring at it. He had his art pad and his chalks out and he was copying it.

Knowing the Master

He was copying the master. The picture he was making was beautiful as well as the original. And then it hit me like a ton of bricks. That is what God helps us to do with our lives. He wants us to copy the master. God wants us to become like Him. And that’s just what we do as we pray and study and trust. We become more like the Master. Keep meeting with God every day. Keep trusting in His leading. And soon you will be just like Him!

Snow Scene at Argenteuil

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