We actually start the story in the middle but closer to the end than the beginning. This is just the time of waiting, a time of patience. A calm before the bustling begins.

I had an extended vacation but not one I was prepared for. A day before my flight back, all travelers to the United States have to get a corona test. Negative is what you want but mine was positive. The only thing I knew for sure was I couldn’t fly. Even the people at the testing site didn’t know what I should do.

I had to change hotels. Mine was booked up already. After the initial shock wore off and I had talked to several people on the phone trying to figure this out, I reserved a room in a hotel close to the airport. I didn’t know I had covid when I went to get tested. The big word for that is asymptomatic.

After doing all the research and waiting the required number of days, it’s just about time to get me home. Sometimes we don’t know why God tells us to wait but there must be a reason. Patience is the key. And put your trust in God. He is in control no matter what happens.

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