Are you like me and love to listen to the stories of the old days? Sometimes it’s relatives and sometimes it’s friends but the stories are just pure history and usually are very interesting. I always listened to my Grampa’s stories when he told them. He has passed away many years ago but some of his stories live on through me.

Yes, I have told his stories and passed them on. And that’s the point of this blog. Two points, actually. The first point is to pass on our stories to others. Not just any stories but also our faith stories. Each of us should have them. We should all have the stories about what God has done in our lives or in the lives of those we know. And passing these stories on will help each of us build up our faith in God.

And the second point. It’s just to listen. To actively listen in the moment. Pay attention, full attention, to the speaker and enjoy what they are saying. Active listening takes work on the listener’s part. But we should all be active listeners when God speaks to us. He does speak to us and when He does we should listen. We should actively listen to what He says.

So be like Elijah and listen for God to speak in the still, small voice. It may not be what you thought or what you wanted to hear but it will be what you need. Just turn off the tv and end the distractions and hear God speak to you!

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