Group Think

Stop and think. How many different groups do you belong to? Red or blue, Democratic or Republican? Every email subscription, every group text and even every clique at the office puts you into a different group. The list of groups one is in goes on and on. Why do we need groups? Why do we need to belong?

Research has shown when guessing an unknown number, such as gumballs in a gum machine, a group average can get very close to the actual number. So it seems there is something to this group think thing. Is group think good? It seems some decisions can be better that way. But some decisions are worse together.

In a group, like church, sometimes one is there just to warm the pew. Is that really ok? Faith is an action word. If you’re not using it, you’re losing it. Faith is just like muscles. And faith can grow too. You can have more muscles and more faith. It takes use though.

God made us to belong, to be together. God made us social beings. The choice of belonging is up to us. God is there to lead us and guide us to the groups He wants us to be in. Prayerfully, we then make those decisions.

There are lots of questions about being in groups and the dynamics of it all. Just stay with God and follow His lead. Then you will be in the right groups and you will be exercising your faith muscles. Stay close to God to be in the group going back to heaven when Jesus comes again! That’s the one you don’t want to miss!

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