Up and Up, part 2

I went to my sister’s house for the weekend. And on Sabbath afternoon we went for a hike at the state park nearby. There were some small hills on this hike but none like at Henry W. Coe State Park.

Down the trail we walked. There was beautiful scenery but no birds or animals to see. As a birdwatcher, that’s a bit disappointing. I shouldn’t have been worried though. At the end of the hike and really just off the parking lot are a couple of bridges. I think it may be part of Clear Lake under the bridges. They are usually filled with birds. But not today at the first bridge. Well, there were birds but just coots and mallards in the water swimming.

Then we went to the second bridge. There was lots of activity when we stopped to watch. Coots and mallards, of course, but also a red-breasted merganser and a belted kingfisher. But wait, there’s more! A couple of pied billed grebes, an egret and a ruby-crowned kinglet. And there was still more! On the way back to the car, we saw an acorn woodpecker and a pair of western bluebirds to round out the day!

And so the birds I saw weren’t all up in the trees but it got me to looking up. And as I looked up at the birds, I realized what a fantastic and loving God we have. He made all this for our enjoyment. And for me as an avid birdwatcher, that’s a big deal! God shows His love for us in many different ways. Keep looking up to Him!

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