Clear Waters

Back in the 1970’s and 80’s, you would hear on the news or in the newspapers about how people cleaned up this stream or the river or a spring. The waters had gotten so bad it was almost unusable. But people got together and then cleaned it up. And after a healing time, the waters started to flow clear again. That’s just like us.

Sometimes things happen and we have to deal with them. Sometimes these things can be traumatic. When you are in it, you don’t even realize it. But you do come out the other side of the trauma sooner or later. And that is when the healing begins.

Healing. It takes time. It’s not just healing your body but also healing your mind. How much time? It’s different for everyone. But healing must happen for living, real living, to continue. If the healing doesn’t happen, things go on but you’re not truly living.

Jesus is the ultimate healer. He can heal our bodies and our minds. He has made ways for everything to be healed. Yes, some will have to wait till Jesus comes back again but He will heal all. Jesus will heal the earth from sin then. He will heal your body and your mind. Learn to rely on Him.

That lesson I am still learning. To rely and trust in Jesus fully and for everything. Jesus will take care of it all. He already has the solution to your problems. The same Jesus who controls the waves and the wind and all the universe can handle your problems too. We just have to let Him. Take all your cares and problems to Jesus and make Him your friend for life.

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