The Joshua Tree

Sometimes life gets in the way of my writing. I shouldn’t let that happen because I love to write and it is one of the fun things I do for me. But this week should make up for all that.

I had meetings to attend. They will actually be this week but they are near L.A. I looked at the map and it was only a two hour drive from where my meetings will be held to Joshua Tree National Park. Joshua Tree is one place I have always wanted to go. So I took the weekend and went.

What is a Joshua tree? It is a gnarly, spiny-1 looking tree of sorts. But the main story is in what makes the Joshua trees like Joshua in the Bible.

First, Joshua trees live in the desert. The Mojave to be exact. Life in the desert is not easy for anyone or anything. There can be freezing temps in the desert and the freezing stops branches from growing. It may be what makes them flower as well though. The Joshua tree is a very hardy plant then despite its unique appearance.

These trees would not exist except for the actions of the yucca moth. The yucca moth lays its eggs in the flowers of the Joshua tree and the Joshua tree provides for the moth’s larvae. But the moth does all the pollinating work for the Joshua tree. A perfect example of a symbiotic relationship.

Joshua in the Bible always stood for right. “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15. Whether as a spy or as the leader of a nation, Joshua was on God’s side. He had a special relationship with God. Joshua prayed all night before one battle.

We should be like the Joshua tree and like Joshua in the Bible. We should stand against all odds and stand for what is right. Joshua had a special connection to God. One that we can have as well. The Joshua tree without its connection to the yucca moth would not live and flourish. Make your special connection to God. Let nothing interfere with that and you will find the love and happiness only God can give.

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