Picture Day

Today was picture day at school. That day when all the students come and attempt to stay neat before it’s their turn to have their picture taken. It works if there is no recess but then you need things for your students to do. And as always, whatever you had planned doesn’t get done.

It just goes to show people usually look for the best in each other. We want the best for our children’s pictures in school. We want the best for them and I think it comes by naturally to see the best in others. Yes, there are those of us who don’t do that but I believe that part is learned. We learn to be untrusting. We learn that from bad experiences.

Just look at babies. They trust fully and completely because that’s all they can do. Everything else is learned. And that is where you and I need to get back to. The place where we trust God completely. Maybe we need to unlearn some behaviors or retrain our brains.

Good habits are hard to make but it can be done. With God’s help, you can make good habits. With God’s help, you can change your life.

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