Ever have one of those experiences you just can’t let go? Sometimes a major event happens or even just a small thing. It doesn’t matter because it happened to you and then it can become a big deal. It can become one of those life changing events in the course of your personal history.

Just beachy…

If it does overwhelm you personally, then go see a friend, a doctor, or someone you trust. You need to get it out of you and to a place where you deal with it. Then it needs to become what it should have been all along, just a piece of your history. Deal with it and move on. Time and life wait for nothing or no one. And waiting in the past only makes you unhappy.

A curlew…

Move forward. As I am doing. Always forward, never backwards. If someone else doesn’t do their job, God has made a way. Pray about it make your best decision and go forward. God can do anything with only one person who prays and has faith. I want to be that one person. Let it start here with me.


Moving forward in faith can start with you too. God has a plan for all of us. For each and every one of us if we are willing. I have had a small taste of what God can do in a life. Things He has done for me. Almost daily I see things God does for me and for the school. God is waiting for you too. Let Him do great things in your life. Be the one person that starts the ball rolling. Start out in faith and let God use you. One praying person with faith and trust in God can move mountains.

Last look…

One thought on “Forward…

  1. Beautiful pictures! Very wise and encouraging words. Keep trusting in God, He will lead you forward always. However forward isn’t always away from where you have been in the past. Sometimes it a new start to and old situation.


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