Remember the elementary school days when children picked teams? It was always the worst thing to be the last one chosen. It meant everyone thought you didn’t have what it takes to play the game. And sometimes the last one picked became the star player.

God’s handiwork…

I wasn’t always in the top ten chosen when I was in elementary school. I was just a scrawny, little kid. The good thing for me is I wasn’t picked last either. I didn’t have to live with that stigma. I always took the positions the other kids didn’t want to play. In softball or baseball, I played catcher. In hockey, I was the goalie. After a while, I was fairly decent at those positions. I may even have moved up on the unseen pick list.

Pelicans and more pelicans!

By doing what you can and using your talents, you can better yourself. Isn’t that the theme of life? Then there is God’s place in all this too. God has chosen every one of us to be on His team. It just depends on if you want to play for Him or not. God won’t force you. But His is the winning team.

Almost sunset…

God finds each of us a place to be successful on His team too. A couple of years ago, God chose me to become a teaching principal at a small church school in almost rural California. I was looking for a job after my mom died and I told God if He wanted me to teach, someone would have to ask me. Someone did ask and the rest is history, as they say. Why me? I have no idea why God put me here. I just pray and do the best I can. God makes up the difference.

The waves!

The one thing I do know is God has a place for you to be on His team. He found a place for me and He will do it for you. All you have to do is say, “Yes, God, I will play on Your team.” God has a special position waiting just for you!

Last look…

Note: yes, I know the pictures don’t have anything to do with the message but they were the pictures from this week’s sunset.

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