It was probably many years ago the path to my usual beach would have been paved with boards. It was a whole walkway put together and laid on top of the sand. But when you go today, there are only remnants, just pieces of the way it used to be. A small portion of the boardwalk is intact. Most of it has disappeared to who-knows-where. And what remains is broken, pieces of the way it once was.

The Boardwalk…

You can imagine another time and place where it is an easy walk or even ride to the beach. Instead of slogging through the sandy trail, you walked proudly down the boardwalk to the beautiful beach. Maybe vendors sold their wares from carts along the path. You can only imagine the former glory of this path.

The Ocean!

The path is just like you and me. We are whole and functional and very much alive. But something happens. Something small and maybe insignificant to most but not to you. And a small defect enters the path. Just one cracked board. It is no problem to repair but the repair never gets done. Over time the small repair becomes larger and now it will take much more time to fix.

Shore birds!

Then in life something traumatic takes place. No matter how it seems to others, to you it was a big event. Just like horses hooves breaking up old, rotten boards as they meander down the boardwalk, you fall apart.


People get broken too. Just like your favorite coffee mug that accidentally falls to the floor and shatters into pieces, people break too. Most times you are left alone to try and clean up the mess whether broken mug or broken person. A mug you can throw away and replace but that cannot be done with a person.

God controls the waves…

God can help. Faith in Him and His healing powers can work miracles. God heals by many means. Physically we see the doctor when our body is sick. And it’s ok to see the doctor when your mind has issues too. God is still there working to heal you. God has not left you on your own.


God is there beside you whatever you are going through. Maybe it’s a happy time or maybe you’re picking up the pieces. Either way, God has people, docotrs to help heal. And God is always with you helping put things back together again.

Last look…

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