Grey Skies

I went to the beach for the sunset last evening. I go to close out the Sabbath and enjoy the ocean and its waves. But sometimes you don’t get the fairytale sunset over the ocean. And last night was one of those.

Grey can be beautiful…

It was sunny when I left home. Sunny and almost 80 degrees. By the time I arrived at the beach, the weather was 58 and cloudy. What a difference 30 miles can make! No matter for me. I will stay and watch the sunset whatever happens. And that is just what I did.

A pelican!

There were still many things to see. Brown pelicans were flying up and down the beach and out over the water. In search of dinner no doubt. They were fun to watch. A chunky piece of driftwood was sitting close to the water and as the tide came in, eventually it pulled the driftwood back out to sea. Slowly, methodically, the waves crash in and inches the sand away under the wood. Soon the wood floats away. And you watch the people come and go too. They hang out for a few minutes and when the sunset isn’t quite so spectacular, they leave. Always something to watch.

More pelicans…

A slight mist was falling too. And the clouds crowded out the sun. It was more of an un-sunset if you will. I couldn’t actually see it but it got darker and cloudier. Even then, I believe it’s quite the view! Grey is a color and God made our world colorful. Sometimes it takes a while for the ocean’s beauty to be seen.

Do you see the beauty?

I looked out at the ocean and saw the beauty even in grey skies. You and I can do the very same thing in life. Problems come and problems will go but the way you see them makes all the difference. God stsnds beside you whether your skies are ablaze with reds, oranges and pinks or if your skies are just shades of grey. God is there if your skies are dark too. He is always with you. Just like me finding the beauty in all the grey, you can find the beauty with God in whatever is happening in your life. No matter the color of the sky, just know God is right there with you!

Last look!

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