A Bad Day Turns Good

Ever have one of those days? Well, this one was going great until I got some bad news about my nephew. He took a fall from a height and broke his face. I think that’s what started it all.

A rainy day

From then on the bad things just rolled in. I wasn’t there for a friend and some stressful texts and emails and I was over the edge. Probably would be a bad time to take my blood pressure. For some reason, I was really stressed about everything that was happening.

Crater Lake

Normally, I am a very happy guy. I don’t let things like this get me down. It would have weighed on me a bit but it could be handled. It’s just the way I am. Today was different. I didn’t handle it well and there was no one to reassure me. You know how it goes. When you’ve had that kind of day, or even moment, you look for someone to tell you it will be alright. But there was no one. I was in a funk.

Diamond Lake

And then I started praying. Something told me to. Maybe it’s my angel whispering in my ear. I don’t know for sure. But I got a text from a friend. That helped some. A phone call from a co-worker helped a lot too. I kept praying. As I write this, I can’t say I am totally out of this funk but it’s much better.

Around Crater Lake…

I did learn something though. Maybe even two somethings. First, God is there for you no matter what. I didn’t see through my problems to His solution. He was there. Waiting on me. He will always be there for me. And He will always be there for you too. The second thing I learned is to keep God in your heart and mind all the time. Enoch walked with God. I am sure Enoch had problems too but he knew how to handle them. Enoch took his problems to the One Solution, God. And Enoch made God his friend. Enoch trusted God. Period. A lesson I need to remember.

Wizard Island

I hope you learn something from reading this too. Or at least make God your friend. So smile and enjoy the pictures and welcome God into your heart. That’s how a bad becomes a good day.


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