There is a sign as you drive into Crater Lake National Park that says, “Falling may cause injury or death.” Whether you are here at Crater Lake or wherever that is very true. If you have ever been to Oregon, and this is my first time, you find out they do not use many words. At least not on their signs. There are more signs and notices telling you not to climb over the stone walls, too, but some people still do. One slip and it would be curtains in many places.

I noticed one set of parents letting their children climb onto the other side of the stone walls. Fortunately, it ended well. But one misstep and it could have gone the other way. Parents are supposed to protect their children, right? But usually it’s push, push, push the boundaries as far as possible.

And that is just like you and me. God is there to protect us and keep us from harm. But what do we do? Push, push, push the boundaries of what God has planned for us. We want to be close enougg to sin and what seems good but still be there with God. Yes, just like children, we want both. We want it all, the good and the bad.

What happens if you fall? If you fall at Crater Lake over the edge you are most likely dead. Just take a look at some of the photos. What happens if you fall for sin? God says come back and goes out to find you. Then He picks you up in His arms and carries you back home. God mends your wounds and sets you off down the path of life again.

Instead we should opt for God’s plan for our lives. Just stay within His safe and secure boundaries and have the best life with Him!

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