Sometimes things happen that change the course of your thoughts. I was planning to write my blog on a different topic but then I had a phone call. This call was about a student. The answer was in response to me saying, “Pray about it.” And the response was not what I expected. “I think we should concentrate on the academics.” All that was in the decision where to send their child to school.

Yes, I teach in church school. But it’s not about where to send your child to school. It’s about something deeper than that. It’s really about if you believe. If you think your child can get the same teaching in public school, then you are sadly mistaken. Do you want teachers that pray for their students? There are exceptions in church school and public school as far as teachers go. There are good and bad everywhere. God can make a difference in your child’s learning. I want caring teachers. I want praying teachers. I want God to be involved in my child’s life and his education.

It underscores the bigger problem. You can be a Christian in name only. If you really wanted to God, your life would change and maybe change drastically. If you really wanted God in your life, then why deny what He can accomplish in your life or your child’s life? The haunting question is “Do you truly believe?” Is God in your heart?

What is your answer to God? Let Him into your heart. Let Him transform your life!

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