The Unseen Things

I understand better now what Paul said in Second Corinthians. I was reading in my Bible and these thoughts came to me. Paul was telling us to fix our minds on the unseen things. That is not as easy to do as it seems.

The things here are temporary. God made this to be our perfect home and then sin entered. And God had a plan to fix it. It just took a few years or so. But just to believe in the unseen takes a ton of faith. Paul tells us the unseen things are as sure as the seen. He also tells us the unseen things are permanent. They will never be destroyed or used up. We are to live our lives fixed on the unseen.

What is your goal for life? Is it to live and die with the most-est? The most money, the most toys, the most house or houses? Is that what life is about? Then you die and you are just done? God has power over death. Even death cannot keep us from the eternal, unseen things.

The Bible tells us Enoch walked with God. Every day Enoch had such a close relationship with God that Enoch knew what God wanted done. Enoch set his mind on the permanent, unseen things and lived life knowing those things were real. We can do that even today.

I looked for an apartment in the town where I teach school. I looked before I arrived and didn’t find one. So spent a month with some friends and I looked and prayed. And when the apartment I am living in now came open, I went to see it. As I went I just knew, I have no idea how I knew, but I knew I would get the apartment. And I did. I am still living in it two years later. I believe that was how Enoch lived every moment of every day. I want that relationship with Jesus. I want to see the unseen, to always know God is right there with me.

You can walk with God. You have the knowledge. Do you have the faith? Do you have the faith to see the unseen every moment?

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