Fireworks, the Fourth and Fun…

The pandemic was finally over! And the Fourth was the first holiday since that happened. So what did everyone do? They went traveling on a long weekend. And so did I. I went to my sister’s house. Normally it’s a 4 hour drive to her house but California traffic being what it is, sometimes it takes an hour or so longer.  Traffic was horrible. But I did get there.

Flowers on the Deck!

It can be a good time just getting away from the regular routine. But it’s always fun at my sister’s! We like a lot of the same things. Putting puzzles together and doing word games among other things. No matter what we do, it’s good just being with family. It’s good to have a place where you can relax and just be you. And it’s good to be in a place where you are loved.


This weekend, of course, there were fireworks. Actual fireworks! I am just a big kid when it comes to fireworks. Unfortunately, they had been banned in the county where my sister lives. But there were some displays put on by the cities around the lake. My sister lives by a huge lake. It’s the biggest natural lake in California. Several little cities are in the area. We had a blast watching several cities put on their fireworks show all from the deck of her house! And after that we watched fireworks on TV.


Before fireworks, we put together a puzzle and went swimming at the neighborhood pool. All together it was a fun day!

The Puzzle!

There’s somebody who loves you and wants you as part of His family too. God loves you and wants you to be His son or daughter. And just like being with your family here, God wants to spend time with you and He wants you to have a good life too. He made all creation for you to enjoy and God is there for you to call upon whether it’s something you need or something you just can’t wait to share with Him. All you have to do is let Him into your heart and life.


Put your heart into life with God. You will be glad you did!

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