If you are at least an occasional reader of my blog, you know every week I go to the beach and share the sunset on Facebook live. This Saturday was no exception.

First Look…

I arrived at the beach with about an hour to go till sundown. Maybe not quite that much but still some extra time to take pictures and enjoy things. As I got out of the car I noticed the clouds. These seemed to be the same as other evenings on the beach. Clouds that will sloil my sunset. Usually, the clouds end up blocking out the sun and I have a not-so-exciting sunset to share. I was quickly getting things ready so I could share at least some time with a visible sun.


Thirty minutes to go and the clouds were still hanging in there. I decided to do the live video early. Ten minutes later I was streaming the sunset on Facebook live. It was a solid sunset. I would give it a 7 out of 10 on the sunset scale. Technically, the sun never set while I was there. And after 10 minutes of streaming I ended my live video. The clouds were in about the same place as they had been but I thought I knew what to expect. I didn’t know it then but I would learn something.


Video ended time to walk back to the car and head for home. When I got back to the car, I noticed the clouds and the sun! Yes, the clouds had receded and you could see the sun in all its splendor. I had started too soon. I thought I knew. But I didn’t. This time I missed the real show of the sunset.

Flowers Along the Way!

My lesson was clear. Be patient and wait on the Lord. If I had waited I would have shared the whole sunset, the real show. I would have had God’s blessings from seeing His handiwork. That is what you need to do too. Wait on the Lord. Wait for His voice. God will guide and direct your footsteps. I know I will never leave a sunset early anymore. And I will be waiting on the Lord…and you can too.


This Saturday night’s sunset will probably be from my sister’s deck. But wherever I am to share the sunset with you, be assured I will be there for the whole show!

Last Look…

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