Tuesday here in California is the end of the pandemic. It is, at least, the day when most restrictions will be lifted. Everyone is looking forward to doing something. Couple that with perfect weather this last weekend and you get California traffic on almost any road you go on. I didn’t feel like fighting the traffic so I stayed home for sunset on Saturday. Once in a while it is good just to sit and relax and not do anything or go anywhere. And that is just what I did.


I did make one mistake though. The houses blocked the actual sunset from my view. I hadn’t planned for that. But did take a tour around my yeard and see all the beautiful flowers and trees growing there. Not that I am much of a plant person but I am training the plants that were already there.

And More flowers!

It’s awesome to go and see the ocean. To experience God and His peace while watching the power of the waves as they break onto the beach. And it is just as awesome to stay home and appreciate all the things God made and all the things God has done for us right at home. The common theme here would be God. God is seen in both places. God is with us wherever we go.

An apple!

Here is the challenge for this week. No matter where you find yourself, look around to notice the beauty God has created for you. Listen to what God is saying to you through the things He made. Let God take the top spot in your life. Put Him first in all you do. You will be blessed abundantly!

Last Look…

Take your coffee cup (or other favorite beverage) and sit outside on a nice evening and just enjoy the time with God!

2 thoughts on “Chillax

  1. You can never go wrong contemplating what God has done and is doing in your life! He is good always! Flowers are beautiful and just one of His blessings! Glad you had a day of relaxation and rejuvenation! You deserve it!


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