Water, Water…

It was a cloudy day but wasn’t supposed to rain. The forecast said a 3% chance of rain. So I was surprised when I had to use my windshield wipers on the way to church! Yes, it was just a heavy mist more than actual raindrops but it was still water from the sky. And it didn’t last long. Just a few m minutes longer than my drive.

Along the path…

California is in a drought. The news tells us that almost daily. But yet it rained. Not much, but rain nevertheless. It didn’t rain much this winter. Really winter here where I am is more like the rainy season. Two or three months of rain in winter and that is most of the water for the year. Rain and snowmelt make up the sum total of the water California gets. Here in the agricultural part of California water is the number one resource. From artichokes to almonds water is a necessity.

Watering the artichoke field!

Then in the evening, I am off to the beach. Only a thirty minute drive and I am arriving! A short, sandy path lined with small but pretty flowers takes me to the beach. And there is the ocean in all its magnificent splendor! The waves roll in and crash onto the beach. Then it hits you. There’s plenty of water here. Too bad it’s all salt water. I know desalination plants exist so maybe there’s an idea for California to pursue. Or maybe not…

The one thing we all need to live is water. We can go a month or more without food but only 2 to 3 days without water. Even plants need water to gtow. Jesus told us to seek the Living Water and we would never thirst again. We come to Jesus and He gives us the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us.

Salt water!

Put Jesus in your heart and let His Spirit direct your steps. My prayer is for that every day. I want my steps directed by the Holy Spirit. I want to do as Jesus wants me to. You can do the same as well. Drink of the Living Water of the Spirit and never thirst again. Let the Spirit lead you through each day. You can then know the true happiness that comes from serving Jesus!

Every one of us needs water. Every one of us needs the Living Water that Jesus spoke of. Just let Him into your heart. Talk to Him as a friend. And find true peace for your life!

One thought on “Water, Water…

  1. Beautiful pictures! Good message! Following all His commands and direction is necessary. May we each hear His voice!


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