The Sunset that Wasn’t

I planned to go to the ocean and the beach on Saturday evening just like always. I was going to my usual beach because I had to be up early the next day. But neither of these things occurred. My day did not go anything like I had planned.

My day started like most other Saturdays. I got up and was getting ready for church. Breakfast fixed and time to sit down and eat. And I did get to eat some. Then…! The stool I was sitting on gave out. And since the stool was headed to the floor that meant I was too. Yes, it was just a moment. I was totally surprised. Then you start to take stock of everything. You realize what happened and figure out where you are hurt. A little scrape on my leg. “Not bad,” I thought. I found my glasses off my head and a couple of feet away from where they should have been on my head. My head is pounding. What a headache! My neck is stiff and sore. I checked for blood by rubbing my hand on the back of my head. No blood. Good. My head is way too hard…ha! But a nice little knot had formed back there.

The Windowsill!

I grabbed the bag of frozen corn in the freezer and put it on the back of my head. Finally, I moved the stool. I thought about Sunday’s test. I didn’t think I wanted to drive and take a 4 hour test with the way I feel now. I was able to change my test date fortunately. So far the only real casualty was the stool. It’s life is over.

The Broken Stool

Sometimes life throws a curve. I took it in stride. I rested all day Saturday and kept my corn ice pack on as much as possible. I did take some Tylenol. And then I realized I was out. I found a nice sunset spot around town. There are lots of beautiful sunsets here. That’s why there was no beach but a field and some hills. Still it was God’s beauty showing through.

A Beautiful Sunset!

God helps me through all sorts of problems whether a collapsing chair, a personal problem or a decision at school. I am learning. Yes, still learning, that God’s power and might and love and caring are still the same way today as the were in Old Testament times. God hasn’t changed. I have. You have maybe. I am in God’s classroom. I have lots to learn still. But I know He is teaching me and will show me what is right. He will do the same for you. Just ask Him. I ask Him every day.

Sunset Over the Fields…

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